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You can enter the details for your Kiwiprop order here

We do not generally supply into areas serviced by our agents, a comprehensive list of our agents can be found under Contacts.

A PDF document will be created that contains all of the information you provide to enable us to fill your order correctly.
This can be stored, emailed or faxed to us.
We do not save these details or share these with any third party...

Order Details
Billing Details
Company Name:
Contact Name:
Address Further:
Zip code:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Delivery Details
Company Name:
Contact Name :
Address :
Address Further :
City :
State :
Zip Code :
Country :
Any details not completed here will
be filled from the billing address details.

Boat / Engine Details
Boat name:
Boat brand:
Boat length:
Please select your engine:
Engine RPM:
HP Rating (1 hour):
Reduction Ahead:
Shaft handing:
in ahead viewed from astern
Reduction Astern:
Shaft RPM:
Existing Propeller Information
Existing Propeller Brand:
Normal Cruising RPM:
Existing Propeller Diameter:
Existing Propeller Pitch:
No of Blades:
Can the gearbox be locked while sailing:

Fitting Dimensions
Propeller Type:
Enter the number of propellers:
Desired Sizing:
Shaft Diameter:
Nut Sizing:
Keyway Sizing - shaft only:

Any further information that may be useful?

You can manually enter your card number on the PDF post printing......