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Zincs for Corrosion Protection

We are regularly asked how to attach a zinc to the propeller.

With an extensive use of composites - a zinc serves no useful purpose on the propeller itself.

The Kiwiprop™ does not need a zinc - which of course does not mean the vessel may still need a zinc. This is something for an owner to decide. Many vessels that have never had a zinc fitted exhibit no corrosion even after many years of salt water service.

The market is split into two distinct segments.

Saildrives - which generally have aluminium castings - all have provision for a zinc to be fitted to the Saildrive unit between the aft face of the gear case and the propeller.

The Kiwiprop™ will not interfere with a standard manufacturer supplied zinc.

If there is any interference it will be caused by the use of out of specification third party zincs for which we can accept no responsibility.

Shaft drives will generally have a section of the shaft exposed forward of the propeller and a normal split zinc should be fitted and clamped to the shaft in this area.

If there is insufficient space - the zinc can be split in half and fitted.