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Rotation - Change

We are often asked is it possible to change the rotation of a Kiwiprop unit so they rotate in the opposite direction in Ahead.

With two internal dogs and three reverse rollers - the position of the reverse rollers is not symmetric on the boss so that on the K3 unit, a Left Hand Boss can not be used for a Right Handed unit or vica versa.

You would need a new boss, new blades and a new spring - apart from the blade carrier and tripod casting effectively a new propeller. In these cases we advise it is better to sell one unit and buy another.

For the K4 unit  with two dogs and four reverse rollers - the boss is common but you would need a new blade set, new spring and in this design a new blade carrier. Again selling the prop and buying a new one probably makes more sense.


For the larger engines associated with the K4 units - they often have gearboxes that can run in either direction eg  PRM,  Twin Disc and in these cases - simply swapping the control cables to the opposite sector is all that is required to run the unit in the opposite direction.