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Pitchº increase maximum

The pitch on the K3 and K4 units is normally constrained to a maximum of approximately 24°.

Our experience and database data show that this is more than adequate in virtually all situations as pitch settings above this would generally be better suited to larger diameter blade sizes.

However in situations where the unit is space constrained or blades are at the upper end of the power range -  there may be situations where additional pitch is optimal.

As there is no pitch adjustment in reverse, to exceed the design pitchº requires shaving a small  wedge shape off the lower blood root starting at the Impact screw and running in a straight line to the trailing edge of the blade.

Obviously the more removed or the steeper this wedge, the greater the pitchº increase that can be obtained with forward pitch, whilst not allowing the reverse rollers to jam on the blade root when reverse is engaged, from excessive forward pitch settings.

The drawing below with the bright red section illustrates the depth of the wedge.

We would suggesst initially making this 2.0 mm and checking frequently by mounting the blade and executing a full reverses engagement.

CAUTION: Note removing material will also increase the reverse pitchº setting as well as the forward pitchº

Ensure the test measurement is undertaken with the Tri roller utilising a flat which provides for the maximum pitchº.

The material works well with normal woodworking tools and sanding. It does however contain 50% glass and great care should be taken in dust prevention from inhalation or in anyway getting near the eyes. A sharp large woodworking chisel works very well and avoids dust, but the glass content will quickly dull  the edge and require frequent resharpening.