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Pitch Adjustment


With the incredible new technology avilable today - totally new approaches can be used to set the pitchº accurately on each  blade - but this does require that the unit is placed face down on a flat level surface.

The following free app can be downloaded from Apple's Apps store.

Placing the phone on edge on the the flat milled ogival section of each blade delivers a direct digital readout of pitch which can then be easily adjusted to the required reading. Older style blades can be aligned with the blade tip.

Always check there is no interference or deposit under the pitch screw / pitch stop that could alter the correct pitchº setting.



Below is a copy of the pitch adjustment routines ex  the OPERATING MANUAL

Because the same blades are used on the K3 & K4 units - the instructions are the same.

The  photo below shows a blade at 22.0º wth 2.00 mm Spatula pressed firmly between the Tri Roller flat and blade root. This is a good way to both ensure all 3 pitch settings are identical and the pitchº = 22.0º.

The distance is the same for older V10 Conical roller sets - but differs with the older blades without padded wear area and blades that have worn over time - where the same distance to the worn blade root will in fact be higher pitchº  than the 22º measured on new blades without wear.

Adjustments from this reference can then be made with 1/3 rd turn = 1º - so 1/2 turn = 1.5º.

This a K3 unit - K4 pitch null will vary - see manual.

The photo below shows setting pitch to maximum.

     Key variables are as follows:

  • Lock the shaft by engaing reverse or forward gear
  • Wind the blades up manually against the spring into the full reverse position - 100º of movement
  • Increase the pitch on each individual blade until it just touches the reverse roller flat with the Allen Key
  • This represent the maximum pitch that is available on the unit
  • Exceeding this will damage the blade roots