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Nord-Lock Washers

From January 2013 onwards we will be progressively installing Nord-Lock™ washers between the main attachment nut and the propeller boss.

This is simply another level of insurance that we can provide that offers an additional level of security in locking the main attachment nut in addition to the Loctite™ and the two M8 locking screws - also inserted with Loctite™.

We will begin with selected  ISO 25 and ISO 30 units. The additional width of the washer means we have to reduce the length of the nut so the rear face of the nut remains flush relative to the spherical boss end.

All Nord-Lock™ washers come as a set of 2 identical units. They have a larger series of ramps on one side and a series of much smaller sharp indentations that contact the two faces that are being locked together.

It is critical that the two faces with the larger wedges or ramps are in contact with each other face to face.


Further information is available on the Nord-Lock website




Image courtesy Nord-Lock™