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Loctite™ underwater

We are frequently asked - is it possible to change out blades underwater. The answer is yes, but there have been questions as to whether the Loctite™ used on the threads will set underwater.

Loctite™ now produce a new medium strength blue grade in a stick formulation. To confirm its ability to set underwater a user undertook the following tests and kindly forwarded the results to us.

We are pleased confirm that this product is perfectly suited to underwater use and sets as predicted.

To undertake the test - the following steps were executed.

  • Coated the threads of new SS bolts then waited 5 minutes to simulate time prior to dive
  • Placed bolts and nuts in a tub of cold ocean water then waited 5 minutes to simulate time fitting the blade to the prop
  • Threaded the nuts onto the bolts and then kept everything in the water overnight
  • In the morning, the Locktite had fully set and the bond was very strong
  •  Locktite should be placed into the female end of the Ti Blade mounting pin to assist retention


This photo shows the Loctite™ prodiuct used in this sslt water trial and the two small SS bolts