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Blades - Retrofit

January  2016:

The basic blade and reverse roller location and design is unchanged  from  2000  and all current and earlier blades will retro fit to any prior year boss without modification.

With the introduction of Tri Rollers to standard build - documented at:   Tri Rollers     All blades supplied with Tri Roller fitted bosses have been supplied with the rear trailing lower section of the blade trimmed as shown in the photo below.  

This removes sufficient material so that as the blade sweeps from the trailing aft position, past the adjacent reverse roller and down on to the pitch stop - it clears the larger conical section of the Tri Roller which has been machined ex 20 mm rod stock and is thus larger than earlier designed rollers.

In any situation where older blades ex stock or spares that are to be fitted to a unit either supplied with or retrofitted with Tri Rollers - then material will need to be removed as shown in the photo below to allow clearance past the largest sectors of the Tri Roller as the blade moves down on to the pitch stop in the Ahead position.

This should be sanded / chiselled to allow no more than 1 mm clearance as shown below.

The photo below shows an earlier blade without wear pads or impact screws that was used to confirm the dimensions and settings of the tool used to produce these in volume for current production.