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K3 - Popular Sizes

Most popular K3 Engine / Drive Train / Reductions:  K3 Popular Installations

NB: Much of this data was taken prior to the more effcient ogival foil trim builds. Current recommendations will generally be smaller diameter and / or pitchº than these entries. Once we have sufficient data points we will upgrade to represent current build ogival trimmed foils only.

Below are listed the most recent installation where there are multiples of every engine / model / reduction ratio. Many popular models will be fitted with very different reduction ratios over time. The list below shows older - often out of production units and less popular or retrofitted gearboxes with less well known reduction ratios.

ALL K3 & K4 Engine / Drive Train / Reductions:  K3 & K4  Installations

The curves below ex our web page are also pre ogival foil trimmed blades: