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K3 - Power Curves

These graphs have been constructed from actual data points taken from our Installation Database with units where we have been provided with good feedback as to max rpm achieved and satisfactory performance. Because of the popularity of some engine drive trains eg Yanmar  3GM30's on 2.6:1,  Volvo  D1-30's  in fact many of the datapoints shown here represent multiple data points whch happen to reside on top of each other due to the identical specifications.  Outliers particularly at the upper end have been ignored where they represent unusual set ups unlikely to be found in regular use.

The graphs below are taken from actual installations  and represents current sizing recommendations including a 19.50" blade set as at 15.11.2016. Extrapolations will be required for different pitchº settings using the curves below.

Power  on Y-axis is HPower @ max - Mulitiply by 0.75 to obtain kW: X-axis is shaft rpm @ max engine rpm.


The graph below is taken from actual installations now that we have a much larger sample set and represents current sizing recommendations for the smallest 14.50" blade set.