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Feedback just received

Received on 10 Mar 2020  – A Beta 20 with 2.61:1 and  K3 14.50" x 22º ogival foiled unit.


Update on the new Kiwi prop blades and tri-rollers you supplied for our yacht  last October.

I normally got about 1.5 litres per hour engine time out of the old blades etc.

Have just returned from Bay of Island where we spent 3 weeks plus. The engine appears to have returned 1.3 litres per hour, and maybe I'm imagining it but it seems to run a bit more more 'sweetly' and deliver a bit more speed more readily if I want it...

So I'm very pleased.

Received on 22 Nov 2019 – A Farr 1020 Owner from Australia


I have just finished servicing my 3 blade kiwiprop on my annual pull out. I bought it 12 years ago to replace a 2 blade volvo feathering prop on my Farr 1020. 

I continue to be impressed. I repowered my boat a little time ago from the original Volvo 2002 to a D1-30, and transferred the prop. The ability to fine tune the pitch meant I could get the maximum out of the new engine. 

After 12 years of use the prop shows very little wear. This year the rollers for realigning the blades in reverse all had stiffened. So there was a little chaffing on the blades. I had used a different antifoul last year. Perhaps this was the cause? Anyway, I freed them up, cleaned and greased according to the manual, and am about to return it to the water for another year of service.

Thanks for your excellent, innovative product. I show everyone I can how it works. It deserves far more recognition than it gets.

I’ll write another testimonial in 12 years if I’m still alive, because I’m sure the prop will be.

Cheers,  Chris.     You may use this testimonial as you see fit.

Received on 18 November 2019 from a Nova 28 owner in Auckland

Hi John,
I must have understood the instructions for the prop fitting cause it didn't fall off when we launched and motorsailed home in 25 knots today.
First impressions are it has exceeded expectations and our wee boat has never gone so quick as it was doing today. I made the mistake of too much power in reverse and stalled the cold engine at a tricky time backing off the slip way with big wind with tide. No harm done except to my pride .
We were using 1/3 less power at 1800 rpm  giving 6.5 knots and the reversing
and stopping power at tick over is pretty impressive.
What a great investment.

Many thanks,    Don and Janet.

Received on 22 Oct 2019 from a cat owner in the US

Hi John,
It’s been 3 months since I fitted your Kiwiprops to replace my Gori props. Outcome is:-
- Absolutely no sign of electrolysis on either prop. As this was THE reason for ditching the new Gori props I consider the switch a 100% success. Other points of minor interest...
- Kiwi props (at supplied pitch) rev higher than Gori 2 blade folders so chew a bit more fuel with a lower top speed (but as I rarely motor I couldn’t be bothered playing with this).
- Kiwi props have better stopping power in reverse. Not that Gori props were bad but yours are excellent.
- Kiwi prop feathers more readily than Gori prop folds. If going is slow I had to occasionally throw Goris into reverse to fold them completely (then neutral could be reselected) but Kiwi props need no such ‘nudge’.
Thanks again for a great product,
Greg.    Sent from my iPad