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Loctite™ Thread Lock

From extensive testing with Loctite™ and similar products we have established the following common sense rules for useage that need to be followed for effective outcomes when using these locking compounds:

The common characteristics of these materials is that they will harden when there is an absence of oxygen AND the presence of a metal which includes stainless steel.

  • Both male and female threads must be clean and dry
  • Locking fluid must be applied to ensure both threads are fully covered
  • The presence of the material is more important than the grade
  • Both medium strength blue and high strength red are very effective
  • These compounds will set underwater inside 24 hours
  • You cannot mount propellers underwater and expect to achieve the above

When utilised under the above conditions these types of material  will provide very secure locking over long periods of time. Our testing covers the following products

  • Loctite™  242 - Blue medium strength
  • Loctite™  272 - Red permanent grade
  • Loctite™  249 - Tape
  • Permabond  A1042
  • Permatex  - Blue
  • Vibra-Tite  VC-3 Threadmate